Grilled Polenta Crackers with Roasted Pepper Salsa; Rachael Ray

Makes: 8 Servings

Time: 16 Minutes

These little crackers are a unique appetizer or party snack, complete with olives, fresh parsley and red peppers.


1 tube (24 oz) prepare polenta, plain or sun-dried tomato flavor, cut into 1/2-inch slices

¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil, eyeball it

3 roasted red peppers, drained well, 1 large jar (16 oz)

½ cup kalamata black olives, pitted

2 Tbsp capers

¾ cup flat-leaf parsley, a couple of handfuls

½ white onion

1 clove garlic

½ tsp red pepper flakes


1. Preheat grill pan to high.

2. Slice polenta and brush lightly with oil. Grill 2 or 3 minutes on each side to score the cakes and warm them.

3. Place peppers, olives, capers, parsley, onion, garlic and red pepper flakes in processor and pulse the power to chop salsa. Top polenta with spoonfuls of salsa and serve.

Source: Food Network

Author: Rachael Ray


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