Paprika and Thyme Steaks

Paprika and thyme steaks with sautéed potatoes and spinach

Makes: 2 servings 

Time: 40 Minutes


A dusting of paprika gives a delicious spiced twist to your usual steak – and crispy sautéed potatoes make a delicious accompaniment. A perfect Valentine’s dinner for two!


2 x 250g sirloin steaks

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp smoked paprika

10g thyme, leaves picked

300g miniature potatoes

2 tsp soft butter 

2 garlic cloves, finely sliced 

240g bag baby spinach 

50ml sherry


Place the steaks in a shallow dish with 1 tsp of the olive oil, the paprika, thyme and a good twist of black pepper. Rub the seasonings into the meat, then set aside to marinate.

Put the potatoes in a pan of boiling water and simmer for 20 mins or until tender. Drain and halve.

Heat the remaining 2 tsp oil in a large frying pan and add the potatoes. Sauté for 15-20 mins until golden. Add the garlic for the final min.

Heat another frying pan or a griddle pan until very hot. Cook the steaks for 3 mins each side for rare, 4 mins each side for medium, or 5 mins each side for well done. Transfer to a warm plate, cover with foil and set aside for 10 mins to rest.

Meanwhile, put the spinach and sherry in a large saucepan, cover and wilt over a medium heat for 2-3 mins; drain and season.

Serve the spinach with the steak, potatoes and a drizzle of the resting juices.


Source: Tesco Real Food


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