Martini with Earl Grey

A break from the traditional martini, the bergamot in the earl grey adds even more fragrance to the gin.

Makes: 4-5 servings || Takes: 5 Minutes


700ml bottle of decent gin


1 tbsp good loose-leaf Earl Grey tea


Put the Earl Grey tea in a large jug. Pour the gin over and stir with a long-handled spoon (45 seconds).

Strain the gin through a tea strainer over a funnel back into the bottle. You will see small particles of leaf still floating on the top of the gin. Rinse out the jug and, using a coffee filter or some muslin inside the funnel, strain the gin a second time to remove all the particles. By doing this, the gin will be stable and the flavour won’t change

To serve, shake or stir over ice

Source: (recipe from Good Food magazine, March 2017)