Gluten-Free Chocolate Mint Cheesecake

Gluten-free chocolate mint cheesecake

Makes: 8 servings 

Time: 4 Hours


A minty, creamy cheesecake topping sits atop a gluten-free chocolate brownie base for this chocolate mint cheesecake recipe.


2 cups gluten-free brownie cake crumbs

40 g butter

150 g chocolate

2 tbsp cream

500 g cream cheese

1 cup caster sugar

2 tsp mint essence, plus 2-3 drops green food colouring

3 tsp gelatin, plus ¼ cup water

500 ml cream, whipped to medium peaks

1/4 cup pistachio nuts, chopped


Whizz brownie crumbs with the butter then press into the base of a 23 cm springform cake tin. Chill.

Melt chocolate and cream together gently until smooth and liquid.

Beat cream cheese and caster sugar until smooth and creamy, then add the mint essence and food colouring.

Sprinkle gelatin over the water and let swell for 5 minutes, then warm to dissolve the gelatin.

Fold gelatin mixture and whipped cream into the cream cheese and pour onto brownie base. Swirl or drizzle the chocolate over the cheesecake and chill for at least 3 hours. Sprinkle the top with pistachios just before serving.


Source: Food To Love


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