About Us

Established in 2003 in  Porter & Charles (P&C) stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering a high-quality and competitively priced range of appliances to the market. As a private label, P&C Charles has witnessed exponential growth, expanding its presence nationwide to meet the surging consumer demand within this market sector.

Our distinction as a private label grants P&C Charles the exceptional ability to source additional or innovative products from globally renowned manufacturers based on market demand. This strategic approach ensures that P&C consistently upholds the highest standards of production quality, all while offering our products at an exceptionally competitive price point.

Discover P&C in our Appliance Showrooms

When you visit our showrooms in Vancouver and Toronto, you embark on an immersive journey through the comprehensive selection of P&C products. Our knowledgeable staff provides detailed insights into each appliance, helping you make informed choices aligned with your preferences and the latest industry trends. Our showrooms showcase a complete suite of high-end P&C products, featuring various kitchen displays and residential appliances that can inspire projects of any scale.

Guiding Principles

Built on years of industry experience, P&C has cultivated relationships grounded in trust and credibility. This foundation instills confidence in builders, designers, and homeowners alike. Our commitment to a genuine experience is upheld by our knowledgeable and empowered employees and sales team, ensuring that your vision is brought to life. We deeply value the relationships established with our dealers, builders, and our collective success. Continual development and improvement of our products and services underscore our commitment to your satisfaction.

Customized Experience

From interpreting design and build plans to curating the perfect package, our customers benefit from the profound impact of our industry knowledge. P&C’s expert sales professionals, personalized approach, and dedication to quality have positioned us as Ontario’s preferred appliance partner. Our focus on intelligent solutions, energy efficiency, and the use of the highest quality materials underscores our goal to blend contemporary European design with cutting-edge performance. The result is a range of home appliances that seamlessly integrate into living spaces of all sizes, functioning beautifully.

Canadian Owned

P&C has proudly served Canadian customers for over 20 years.


P&C strives to enhance the quality of life for those who use our products

Convenient Locations

We have beautiful showrooms located in Vancouver, BC, and Toronto, ON.

Personalized Service

P&C's industry experience has fostered relationships founded upon trust and credibility.

Visit Our Showroom

When you visit our showroom, you’re given the opportunity to experience a comprehensive selection of products from the P&C products and to learn about each appliance in detail to ensure you choose what’s right for you.